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WATERGY: Energy and Water Efficiency in Municipal Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment

Cost-Effective Savings of Water and Energy
rapport Feb 2007 ; 44 pages , , ,
Aut. Judith A. Barry
ASE - Washington
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The term Watergy™ was coined by the Alliance to Save Energy to describe the strong link between water and energy in municipal water systems. The approach helps cities realize significant energy, water and monetary savings through technical and managerial improvements in water supply systems, providing consumers with quality water while using a minimum of water and energy.
Efficiency in the water sector involves both the end use of water—such as efficient toilets, low-flow showerheads and reducing peak demand—as well as efficiencies in the supply of water. This paper focuses on the water supply system itself since in many cities most of the inefficiencies occur before the water even reaches the end user.

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