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Water Supply & Sanitation in Africa: Findings, Lessons and Good Practices to Improve Delivery

rapport Jun 2015 ; 70 pages
Ed. BAD - Abidjan
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This publication contributes to the broad inclusive and green growth agenda of the AfDB by sharing with development actors what has and has not worked to sustainably improve access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation. By addressing the design quality and implementation of WSS projects, it seeks to encourage government officials and sector ministers, senior managers of utilities and water authorities, consultants and development partners to consider creative solutions to the water and sanitation challenges in urban and rural areas.
Drawing from the evaluations of interventions undertaken by the Bank, governments and other development partners, this publication emphasizes emerging good practices and innovations and reflects on key lessons of successful and failed cases.
This desk review of evaluation reports of eighteen AfDB-funded WSS projects, completed between 2010 and 2012 and of the evaluation results of other development partners involved in WSS in Africa, is enriched by the exchanges during a regional workshop organized by the AfDB in Morocco in November 2013 to share evaluation experiences of WSS projects and programs.
The development community may not find all of these lessons entirely new. However, presenting them in the context of the project and its location is nonetheless useful for future WSS projects. Some findings and statements, are unrelated to specific evaluation products and have no guaranteed external validity, yet their good practices and key lessons are nonetheless useful for the design of future projects.
Introduction 3
Urban and Suburban Water Supply 7
The Challenges of Supplying Improved Urban Water Services 7
The Opportunities of African Urban Water Supply Challenges 8
AfDB Assistance to WSS Projects: The Urban Water Feature 9
Good Practices and Pragmatic Solutions for Urban Areas 12
WSS Regulation 13
Treating Urban Waste Differently 21
AfDB Interventions to Transform Urban Sanitation 22
Innovative Solutions and Lessons for Urban Sanitation 22
Rural Drinking Water and Sanitation for All 31
Rural Water Supply 31
Challenges and Constraints Facing RWSS 31
AfDB Interventions in Rural Water Service Provision 32
RWSS Innovations and Lessons 33
Success Factors for Achieving WSS Access for All 41
Factors Common to Successful Projects 41
Factors Common to Projects with Unsatisfactory Performance 43
Conclusions and Lessons Learned 47

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BAD - Banque Africaine de Développement - Abidjan - Côte d'Ivoire

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