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WASH in Nutrition

note Dec 2014 ; 10 pages
Aut. Robert Gensch & Arno Coerver & Jean Lapègue & Karl Lellouche & Rachel Lozano & Julián Ibargüen Onsurbe & Stephan Simon
Ed. SuSanA - Eschborn
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This document is a compilation of main facts, existing evidence and remaining research gaps regarding the link between inadequate sanitary conditions and its underestimated impact on undernutrition and stunting, particularly for children under five years of age. It is a clear plea for more rigorous research, policy coherence and cooperation between Health and Nutrition, WASH, Mental Health, Care Practices and Food Security sectors, and the need to adequately address and consider WASH1 as an integral part of nutrition interventions. It particularly highlights the impact of WASH interventions on mothers and children’s (under five years of age) nutritional and health status. An estimated 30% of all children in low-income countries suffer from undernourishment and WASH services can help to alleviate this:
“More than 3.5 million mothers and children under five die unnecessarily each year due to the underlying causes of undernutrition, and millions more children are permanently disabled by the physical and mental effects of a poor dietary intake in the earliest months of life.”

The aim of this fact sheet is to offer a compilation of relevant studies showing evidence on the link between sectors and to lobby for more cooperation between them.

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alimentation, nutrition (CI) (DT) (OP) , santé (CI) (DT) (OP)


SuSanA - Sustainable Sanitation Alliance - Eschborn - Allemagne

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