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Priceless! Uncovering the real costs of water and sanitation

livre Sep 2014 ; 190 pages
Aut. Deirdre Casella & Catarina Fonseca & Peter McIntyre
Ed. IRC - Den Haag
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Lack of cost information and the absence of systems to monitor the quality of water and sanitation services, and hygiene have constrained citizen's access to their most basic necessities. Through WASHCost action research, IRC, in collaboration with governments, local organisations and the international community, sought to provide corrective measures to redress the debilitating effects of (cost) information gaps on people's enjoyment of their right to water and sanitation.

This book describes how IRC, with a wide range of partners, worked in four countries... to uncover the real costs of sustainable and acceptable services, and how [together], they attempted to ensure that countries would never again have to work in ignorance of some of the basic facts of economic life. ... [It] presents the management and practical challenges of working in a sector that had a collective loss of memory about what had been spent and what had been missed. It shows how finance and economics are intimately connected with issues of quality and service. ... It is an essential reading for those who want to know how action research works, how it often turns out to be more complicated than expected, and why change does not happen more quickly and according to external expectations [authors' abstract].'


Université , Socio-économiste

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IRC - Den Haag - Pays Bas

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