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Africa Groundwater Atlas

carte géographique , site internet portail Jun 2016
Ed. BGS - Nottingham
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The successful and sustainable development of groundwater resources in Africa is critical for future safe water supplies, economic growth and food security in the continent. Doing this successfully relies on good hydrogeological understanding - but much of the data and information that already exists about groundwater in Africa is not available to the people who could make use of it. We have worked with partners across Africa to make more of this information freely accessible.

A searchable online database that so far catalogues nearly 7000 references for literature about groundwater in Africa. The Archive can be searched by themed keyword; by title and author; or geographically: either by country; or for more than 1500 georeferenced documents, by searching for their specific location on an interactive map. There are thousands of links to free-to-download full text documents and abstracts.

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Afrique (DT) (OP) , bassin versant (DT) (OP) , hydrogéologie (DT) (OP)


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