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Start Your Sanitation Business

for masons, manual and mechanical emptiers of latrines
manuel Nov 2011 ; 170 pages
Aut. Nathalie Agathos & Emeline Bereziat
Ed. WASTE - Den Haag
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The entrepreneurship guide “Start your Sanitation Business” is a training guide for masons, manual and mechanical emptiers of latrines.
The guide aims to present to the reader the basic steps for him/her to create a small-scale business in the sanitation sector in four steps.
The guide can be used for self-study as it is an interactive document with theory and around 30 related exercises and answers.
PART A. The Steps
Step 1: The Idea
Question 1: What is that you want to start doing or start doing differently?
Question 2: Why do you want to start your business idea?
Question 3: Are you the entrepreneur type?
Step 2: The Investigation
Question 4 : Will somebody buy your product or service?
Question 5 : What can change the demand for your product or service?
a. Your Clients
b. Your Competitors
c. Macro Factors
Step 3: The Planning
Question 6: What will your Marketing Strategy be?
a. Product
b. Price
c. Place
d. Promotion
Question 7: What will your Operating Strategy be?
a. Latrine Construction
b. Manual Emptying
c. Mechanical Emptying
d. Health & Safety of your Operational Strategy
Question 8: What will your Finances look like?
a. Start-up Money
b. Profits & Losses
c. Cash Situation
d. Balance Sheet
Step 4: The Realization
Question 9: How do you get started?
a. Make an Action Plan
b. Decide on the Type of your Business.
c. Try to find start-up money
d. Decide on your book keeping forms
PART B. Solutions to the Exercises
PART C. Further Reading



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