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Recommandations on adaptative measures for Cau Do and Hoa Lien water supply facilities

Recommandations pour des mesures d'adapation pour les services d'alimentation en eau potable de Cau Do et Hoa Lien
rapport Jan 2016
Ed. CVIWR - Institute for Social and Environmental Transition - International - Boulder
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Da Nang, Viet Nam, is almost 100% reliant on the Cau Do Water Supply Plant for city water. There are currently several potential risks to the Cau Do supply, including particularly high risks to water inflow of the city, such as the deep erosion at Quang Hue and sedimentation at Ai Nghia, increasing salinity at the Cau Do intake, and the risk of broken spillways or loss of the siphon. These water security risks need to be recognized and addressed by the relevant departments and agencies. However, more broadly, these risks highlight the danger of relying on one source of water only. To ensure water security for the urban water supply, the city should prioritize investment for water supply in Cu De River. In considering options for the construction and operation of the Cu De WSP, options that move toward maintaining a more balanced division of supply between the Cau Do and Cu De plants should be prioritized if at all possible. This will increase water security for the city should one of the treatment plants be impacted.

ISET-International, Central Vietnam Institute for Water Resources (CVIWR) and Climate Change Coordination Office of Da Nang city (CCCO Da Nang) have prepared three Policy Briefs that identify and make recommendations to manage the key issues. The other Policy Briefs can be found as related links.


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