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7th World Water Forum - Science and Technology Process White Paper

colloque Jun 2016 ; 219 pages
Ed. World Water Forum 7th - Seoul
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The White Paper, the main outcome of the Science and Technology Process of the 7th World Water Forum, is a praiseworthy result of the World Water Forum processes. The paper has been prepared by prominent water experts working together to deliver coherent and insightful responses on scientific and technological tools promoting solutions for pressing global water challenges.

The White Paper accentuates innovative and applicable science and technology on water. The clarity and timeliness of this document enables us to once again recognize the linkages between emerging technologies and information and how they can contribute to solving our water problems. We all know that water affects every aspect of our daily lives. However, the intertwined nature of our relations to the environment calls for more innovative ideas and the upscaling of research for development. This can only be achieved by deeper cooperation among all actors who stand in the front line of tackling water challenges while implementing solutions through practical and applicable technologies. We need collective action from government, industry, academia, and civil society.

The White Paper identifies the current status of water-related science and technology and provides future directions by identifying ‘innovation and application of science and technologies’ in the sectors of each of the Main Focus areas of the Forum’s Science and Technology Process: 1. Water Efficiency, 2. Resource Recovery from Water and Wastewater Systems, 3. Water and Natural Disasters, 4. Smart Technology for Water, 5. Understanding and Managing Ecosystem Services for Water.



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World Water Forum 7th - Seoul - Corée du Sud

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