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Compendium of Water Quality Regulatory Frameworks: Which Water for Which Use?

Compendium des Cadres Réglementaires de la Qualité de l'Eau: Quel type d'Eau pour quelle Utilisation ? rapport Sep 2015 ; 73 pages
Ed. Un-Water - New York
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Water quality issues are complex and dynamic in nature and need urgent attention and action. Improving efficiency of water use requires regulatory frameworks that better reflect how different water uses require different water qualities, such as water from industrial processes being reused in agriculture. Drafting regulatory instruments to better manage water qualities that are ‘fit for purpose’ can benefit from the wide range of standards and guidelines currently available.

By providing an overview of selected laws and policies and supporting case studies, this Compendium aims to improve the guidelines for managing water quality globally. It provides a platform to engage and inform policy and decision makers on these critical issues, as well as guidance on how regulatory frameworks can promote wise use, innovation and efficiency in water management. The Compendium presents an opportunity for countries to make their water quality regulatory frameworks and management instruments “fit for purpose”, improving water security and delivering better services for all.


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