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Fecal Sludge Management: Diagnostics for Service Delivery in Urban Areas: Summary Report

rapport May 2016 ; 84 pages
Ed. WSP - Washington
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   Tools and Guidelines    Data Collection Instruments    Terms of Reference Abstract:
This document provides a summary of the diagnostic tools developed for assessing FSM services and is based on field work carried out in the five cities of Balikpapan in Indonesia, Dhaka in Bangladesh, Hawassa in Ethiopia, Lima in Peru and Santa Cruz in Bolivia. It summarizes the tools themselves, lessons learnt about their use, and general policy recommendations. The target audience is those advocating for or implementing city-wide, poor-inclusive urban sanitation services.
This report is complemented by a detailed report on the tools, which includes as annexes generic terms of reference and survey instruments which can be adapted for use in specific situations, and the five case studies

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