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Mobile for Development Utilities Programme

Les Mobiles pour les Programmes de Développement des Services rapport Aug 2015 ; 32 pages
Aut. Michael Nique & Helene Smertnik
Ed. GSMA - London
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While the MDG model of focalised international actions to increase living standards was failing to meet some of its targets, mobile phone ecosystems driven by entrepreneurial spirit and market forces managed to reach near ubiquity in many emerging markets: mobile networks now cover more than 85% of the population and unique mobile subscribers’ penetration is over 45%. The GSMA Mobile for Development Utilities (M4D Utilities) programme sees an important opportunity for mobile ecosystems to help solve some of the sanitation access challenges in emerging markets, including data collection, monitoring, operation and maintenance, financing. Adding to our ongoing work in the energy and water sectors, this new report aims to outline how mobile channels can support sanitation service delivery while building new engagement models with customers in underserved settings. Unlike the energy sector where mobile tools are increasingly integrated in decentralized solutions, mobile in the sanitation sector is at an early stage of development. What is needed to better understand the role and impact of mobile in this sector, is a collaborative approach to mobile technology integration, grant support for developing and piloting such innovative solutions and rigorous monitoring and evaluation of the impact of these innovations in the service delivery.


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