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Good Practices on Leakage Management

rapport Jan 2015 ; 117 pages
Ed. Commission Européenne - Bruxelles
Téléchargeable sous format: PdF (3 180 ko)
Three EU Reference documents on Good Practices in Leakage Management developed as part of the Water Framework Directive, Common Implementation Strategy Working Group Programme of Measures.
The Main Report contains 25 policy recommendations and other material and appendices which summarise evidence based good practices supported by consolidated findings and analysis of Case Studies, and proven practical international leakage management concepts. The policy recommendations, which are not legally binding obligations for Member States, recognise that sustainable management of leakage requires a thorough understanding of the complex interplay between the many key technical factors influencing leakage, together with other Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental (PESTLE) factors.
Good Practices on Leakage Management – Main Report_Final.pdf
Good Practices on Leakage Management – Case Study document._Final.pdf
Good Practices on Leakage Management – Dissemination plan_Final.pdf

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Commission Européenne - Bruxelles - Belgique

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