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Design, Delivery, Monitoring and Evaluation of Handwashing with Soap Programs: A Global Public-Private Partnership for Handwashing Certificate Course

cours en ligne, MOOC Nov 2015 ; 145 pages
Aut. Matthew Freeman & Robert Dreibelbis
Ed. GHP - Washington
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The course is geared towards those interested in promoting handwashing with soap among populations in the Global South, such as Handwashing program developers, program implementers, policy makers, funders, teachers, and monitoring and evaluation specialists. Much of the content may also be applicable to high-income settings.
Course outcomes
Understand the current state of knowledge for handwashing with soap
Identify current approaches to hygiene and handwashing with soap promotion
Utilize a specific behavioral framework to design a program for handwashing with soap
Develop a handwashing with soap behavior change strategy
Know the steps of developing a handwashing with soap program
Become familiar with the basic tools to monitor and evaluate a handwashing with soap program
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The course consists of two modules lasting approximately one hour each. You may choose to undertake either or both. After each module there will be an assessment.
Module 1 covers:
State of knowledge and evidence base for handwashing with soap
Key times to promote handwashing with soap
Technologies used for handwashing with soap
How handwashing with soap is promoted by different stakeholders
Examples of handwashing with soap programs, including current approaches and behavioral frameworks
Module 2 covers:
Developing a handwashing with soap behavior change strategy
Planning a handwashing with soap program from buy-in to concept and execution
Monitoring and evaluating a handwashing with soap program to ensure program sustainability and learning

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GHP - Global Handwashing Partnership / Partenariat mondial pour le lavage des mains - Washington - Etats Unis

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