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Hygiene Advocacy Toolkit

brochure Mar 2015 ; 16 pages
Ed. GHP - Washington
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The role of hygiene in the global development agenda is misunderstood. This toolkit seeks to address any confusion and provide the necessary facts and talking points to successfully advocate for the inclusion of hygiene in the Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals.
This toolkit can be used to make the case for hygiene in the following sectors: water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH); health; nutrition; education; poverty; and gender equality. The evidence included in this toolkit may be used as a whole, or on a stand-alone basis depending on the context and audience.

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hygiène (CI) (DT) (OP) , plaidoyer (CI) (DT) (OP)


GHP - Global Handwashing Partnership / Partenariat mondial pour le lavage des mains - Washington - Etats Unis

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