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Designing and implementing a hygiene awareness-raising and sanitation promotion strategy

Guidelines for action
guide Mar 2015 ; 68 pages
Aut. Denis Désille & Jihane Rangama
Ed. pS-Eau - Paris
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   Concevoir et mettre en œuvre une stratégie de sensibilisation à l’hygiène et de promotion de l’assainissement Abstract:
Over the last few years, the sanitation sector has developed and improved two fundamental and complementary approaches: hygiene awareness-raising to improve people’s hygiene behaviors and sanitation promotion to encourage households to install sanitation facilities, particularly toilets, showers and sinks, in their homes.
This document is intended for all sector stakeholders interested in learning more about these approaches. It provides an overview of the most commonly used hygiene awareness-raising and sanitation promotion methods and tools, as well as a rational and methodical approach to implementing these.
- Why be concerned about sanitation and hygiene?
- What is the scope of this document?
- What are the objectives of this guide?

Stage 1. Carry Out a Social and Health Assessment
- Define the strategic settings in which to carry out the assessment
- Profile the target environment
- Identify the unsafe practices employed
- Mobilize the human and financial resources required

Stage 2. Set the Objectives and Define the Strategy’s Target Groups
- Build consensus with local stakeholders
- Prioritize the health and hygiene issues identified
- Set the strategy objectives and define the target groups

Stage 3. Design the Strategy
- Define the main messages
- Choose the appropriate hygiene awareness-raising and sanitation promotion methods
Stage 4. Implement the Strategy
- Mobilize the key stakeholders
- Use professionals
- Monitor the activities

Stage 5. Evaluate and Update the Strategy
- Evaluate strategy implementation
- Evaluate the impacts
- Update the strategy

- Annex 1. Bibliography
- Annex 2. Hygiene Awareness-Raising and Sanitation Promotion Methods
PHAST (Participatory Hygiene and Sanitation Transformation) 54
Community Health Club 56
WASH in Schools 57
Child to Child approach 58
CLTS (Community-Led Total Sanitation) 59
Promoting handwashing with soap 60
Sanitation Marketing
- Annex 3. Summary Comparison of the Seven Methods

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hygiène (CI) (DT) (OP) , lavage des mains, savon (CI) (DT) (OP) , sensibilisation (CI) (DT) (OP)


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