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Who will go for the Ball?

WASH Education Comic Book By The Children of South LEKMA Cluster Schools
bande dessinée Aug 2012 ; 16 pages
Ed. Relief International - Accra Solutions Africa -
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The opening scene of the comic book opens in the final minutes of a competitive football game between two schools: Kokro School and Nyansa School. A Nyansa player blasts a kick of the ball, launching it so far it lands in the D-zone (defecation zone), the “dirty and smelly place” where pupils of the home school go to toilet. “Who will go for the ball?” a player asks. Ato, a Nyansa player ignorant about the area and focused on the goal, chases the ball in the D-zone, where he slips and falls. The incident shames the Kokro student and prompts them to action: The school sets up a new school toilet and forms a watchdog group to stop open defecation in the Dzone; soon, the zone has been transformed from a no-go area into a green zone. When the two teams meet again a few months later, Ato and his teammates are impressed to see the clean area, complete with a new toilet and hand washing facilities: “This time he was not picking his steps and not being told to watch out. He used a proper toilet facility,” the book describes.
Intérêt pédagogique:
This behavior change communications tool was designed by teenagers in Ghana to get their peers to think about WASH in their daily lives.
The facilitators and teachers guided the students as they wrote their own sanitation stories in small groups, describing their experiences relieving themselves in the bush, and incorporating the lessons they learned from the workshop session. The facilitators used the stories as a basis for the creation of the comic book, titled Who Will Go for the Ball?, with the aim of passing on the positive messaging that these students had received.


6ème - 5ème , 4ème - 3ème , Lycée

Mots clefs:

ATPC Assainissement Total Piloté par la Communauté (CI) (DT) (OP) , hygiène (CI) (DT) (OP) , lavage des mains, savon (CI) (DT) (OP)


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