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On Target for People and Planet

Setting and Achieving Water-Related Sustainable Development Goals
rapport Oct 2014 ; 56 pages
Ed. CGIAR - Colombo IWMI - Colombo ; Isbn: 978-92-9090-801-2
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This 56-page IWMI book, illustrated with case studies and examples, provides critical analyses of how national SDG targets can be defined and met through the most current evidence-based water policies. IWMI, which recently adopted a new strategy to deliver a “water-secure world,” plans to produce a series of annual reports that synthesize thinking on major water issues.
5 Introduction
9 Water–Food–Energy Nexus
13 Water Governance: Context is Crucial
19 Water Metrics
23 Social Inclusion
28 Sustainable Development and Ecosystem Services
33 Managing Water Variability: Floods and Droughts
38 Water Quality: The Chance to Avert a Global Crisis
42 Accessing and Putting Water to Productive Use
in Sub-Saharan Africa
46 Bibliography and Photography Credits

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CGIAR - Challenge Program on Water and Food - Colombo - Sri Lanka

IWMI - International Water Management Institute - Colombo - Sri Lanka

IWA - International Water Association - London - Royaume Uni

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