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What Influences Open Defecation and Latrine Ownership in Rural Households?: Findings from a Global Review

rapport Aug 2014 ; 38 pages
Aut. Kathryn O'Connell
Ed. WSP - Washington
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This global review of formative research studies identifies a number of commonalities across countries and regions, as well as a number of emerging themes that positively and negatively influence sanitation behaviours. Although some differences are found across countries, in general themes coalesced around facets of opportunity, ability, and motivation. The document suggests a numbers of factors which serve to promote positive sanitation behaviours, including changing social norms, challenging perceptions of latrine affordability, fostering positive latrine attributes, and increasing consumer demand for latrines through aspirational books associating latrine use and ownership with improved social status.

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WSP - Water and Sanitation Program - Washington - Etats Unis

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