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Désertification. La ligne de front invisible

Desertification, the invisible frontline
La desertificación, esa invisible línea de frente
brochure Jan 2014 ; 20 pages , ,
Ed. UNCCD - Bonn
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This publication examines desertification as a cause of global conflict and instability and calls for urgent action to support communities in crisis. It explores the impacts desertification has on the lives of many under the titles: Food (in)security–farming ourselves into extinction; Water (in)security –water scarcity triggers conflicts; Climate–changing the face of the earth changes the humanity; Migration–fight or flee; National Security–breaking down; Inaction, recipe for International Political and Economic chaos; Securitizing productive land–securing peace and stability; Investing in large scale restoration initiatives; Drought management measures; Institutional reforms; and culminates with Taking action now, a summary on what we can do now, to secure a future capable of dealing with drought risk.

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UNCCD - United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification - Bonn - Allemagne

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