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Natural Wastewater Treatment Systems

livre Apr 2014 ; 480 pages ; prix indicatif: 154€
Ed. CRC Press - London IWA - London - 2 édition ; Isbn: 9781780405896
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This new edition examines all changes and advancements that have taken place since the previous edition published in 2005. It outlines the planning, feasibility assessment, and site selection processes unique to natural processes as well as the basic process responses and interactions governing natural systems. It examines the systems in detail, discussing wastewater pond systems, free water surface constructed wetlands, subsurface and vertical flow constructed wetlands, land treatment, sludge management, and onsite wastewater systems. They illustrate the practical aspects through numerous examples and data tables.
Fully revised and updated to reflect the advancements in the field since the publication of the first edition:
Presents detailed coverage of all natural wastewater treatment systems
- Covers flow rate, overland flow, and soil aquifer treatment systems of land treatment and reuse
- Discusses dewatering, disposal, conditioning, and reuse methods of sludge management
- Provides performance data on the removal of constituents such as nutrients, metals, pathogens, trace organics, and endocrine-disrupting chemicals

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