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On-farm Treatment Options for Wastewater, Greywater and Fecal Sludge with Special Reference to West Africa

rapport coll. Resource Recovery and Reuse Series n° 1 Apr 2014 ; 36 pages
Aut. Olufunke Cofie & Pay Drechsel & Bernard Keraita & Amah Kluste
Ed. CGIAR - Colombo IWMI - Colombo ; Isbn: 978-92-9090-785-5
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This paper shows that “small-scale” and “low cost” are not necessarily roadblocks for setting up effective farm-based treatment systems. A larger challenge is to understand how best to facilitate any behavior change that requires farmers to adjust their farming practices.

This document is part of a series published by IMWI on resource recovery and reuse.

Mots clefs:

boues (réutilisation) (CI) (DT) (OP) , eaux usées (réutilisation) (CI) (DT) (OP)


CGIAR - Challenge Program on Water and Food - Colombo - Sri Lanka

IWMI - International Water Management Institute - Colombo - Sri Lanka

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