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Reduction of Illegal Water. Volume 6

guide coll. Utility Management Series for Small Towns n° 6 Jan 2013 ; 47 pages
Ed. UN-Habitat - Nairobi
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This manual is part of a Utility Management Series for Small Towns. This manual covers all the different categories of illegal connections normally found in consumer premises and the procedures/guidelines for their investigations and identification.
The manual is divided into four chapters: - Chapter one entails the background, rational, scope and objectives of the manual; - Chapter two discusses the operating procedures which is the main purpose of this manual; - Chapter three entails the key result areas and the performance indicators that help the management to set realistic targets for the implementing team, and aid decision making as well; - Chapter four details the logistics required for implementation, this also includes the human resource, equipment and or skills and abilities required for the key team.

Mots clefs:

contrôle et maintenance des installations (DT) (OP) , mode de gestion/gouvernance (DT) (OP)


UN-Habitat - United Nations Human Settlements Programme - Nairobi - Kenya

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