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Choose Soap

film video internet , dessin animé Jan 2013 ; Durée: 1 min.
Ed. Centre of Gravity - Bangalore LSHTM - London
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This animated film is designed to show a day in the life of two hands.
We see their lives side by side so it’s easy to see what is the same – and what is different.
Their early morning routine is similar – waking up and cleaning the house and children.
But where their lives diverge is when the two hands clean themselves – one hand uses only water. The other hand uses soap and water. As a result, their lives are very different. The hand that chooses to use soap stops dirt and contamination spreading to the food it prepares and feeds to the family.
As a result the family of that hand are happy, healthy and successful. Now watch the story for yourself.

Mot clef:

lavage des mains, savon (DT) (OP)


Centre of Gravity - Bangalore - Inde

LSHTM - London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine Environmental Health Group - London - Royaume Uni

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