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Guideline for the Inspection of Wastewater Treatment Works

WRC Report No TT 375/08
rapport Jan 2009 ; 157 pages
Aut. LA Boyd & AM Mbelu
WRC - Pretoria ; Isbn: 978-1-77005-795-1
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This guideline document deals with the requirements for undertaking an inspection at a Wastewater treatment works (WWTW).
The purpose of the guideline document is to:
- Assist the Process Controller to:
- prepare for an inspection at the WWTW
- take corrective action where a problem is identified.
- Assist the Inspector to:
- undertake an inspection at a WWTW
- give guidance where a problem is identified.
The guideline describes checklists for those unit processes that are most frequently encountered at South African WWTWs. A list of proposed additional reading material that every WWTW should have on site is set out in Appendix A of the guideline.
Part I: Guidelines
Part I of the document sets out a guideline for undertaking an inspection at a WWTW to support the checklists set out in Part II. The guideline sets out the why, what and how of undertaking an inspection for various performance areas and lists performance indicators to guide the Inspector.
This section gives the Inspector, the Process Manager and the Process Controller a better understanding of the importance of the inspection, whether it be a daily visual inspection or a more comprehensive external or internal inspection. It is important to note that this section should be read in conjunction with a reputable handbook, such as those set out in Appendix A, for the operation of a WWTW.
Part II: Checklists
Part II of this document sets out checklists that should be completed at various times throughout the year, depending on the operational status of the WWTW.

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