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Toolkit for urban public sanitation projects in Kenya

affiche, aide visuelle , Dvd , manuel coll. Wstf Toolkit urban public sanitation Jan 2011
Ed. WSTF - Nairobi
This toolkit contains the complete set of tools (e.g. drawings, BoQs, management guidelines) that the Water Service Providers (WSPs) need to plan, design, implement, manage, monitor and evaluate programmes for their customers specifically in low income areas.
Chapter 1. Application Form
- Application Forum and MoU
- Sanitation Concept of the WSTF
- Legal Issues Related to Public Sanitation

Chapter 2. Data Collection
- Assessing Demand for Public Sanitation
- Data Collection Tools
- Relevant Publications & Policy Documents (only links)

Chapter 3. Project Implementation Programme
- Contract Establishment
- Sensitisation & Health Education (Posters)
- Reporting by WSPs

Chapter 4. Operation of Sanitation Schemes
- WSP-Operator PSF Contract
- Public Sanitation; Rules and Guidelines
- Public Toilets Management Guideline
- Maintenance of Public Sanitation Facilities

Chapter 5. Project Evalution

Chapter 6. Design, Technical Drawings
- Public Sanitation Design Guideline
- Public Sanitation Construction Guidelines
- Public Sanitation Facility, Drawings & BoQs
- Connection Facilities, Bio-digesters (still missing)

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bloc sanitaire public (CI) (DT) (OP) , latrine, toilettes (CI) (DT) (OP)


WSTF - Water Services Trust Fund - Nairobi - Kenya

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