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Water from Rock Outcrops

manuel coll. Technical handbook n° 6 Jan 2006 ; 59 pages
Ed. Water for Arid Land - Nairobi
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a handbook for engineers and technicians on site investigations, designs, construction, and maintenance of rock catchment tanks and dams.
How can rocks supply water? It sounds contradicting that water can be obtained from rocks, but many people living in arid and semi-arid (ASAL) regions of the world, such as Gibraltar and Kitui in Kenya, are getting their domestic water from rocks. Kitui District has an impressive concentration of more than 400 rock catchment tanks and dams. The technique applied for utilizing rocks for water supply is called rainwater harvesting and the structures built for harvesting rainwater from rocks are called rock catchments.

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approvisionnement en eau (DT) (OP) , eau de pluie (collecte d') (DT) (OP)


Water for Arid Land - Nairobi - Kenya

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