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Practical solutions in drinking water supply and wastes disposal for developing countries

rapport coll. Technical Paper Series n° 20 Sep 1982 ; 127 pages
Ed. IRC - Den Haag - 2 édition
Téléchargeable sous format: PdF (3 290 ko)
Engineers in developing countries are presented with alternative technological solutions for water supply and waste disposal in rural areas. Local materials and skills are promoted and where possible the usefulness, disadvantages, and limitations of the techniques described are discussed.
There are sections on:
1. water collection from different sources.
2. water treatment (coagulation/flocculation, filtration, chemical dosing and iron removal).
3. water transport and distribution (pipes, simple pumps and waste reduction).
4. wastewater and solid waste disposal (pit latrines, composting septic tanks and aquaprivies).

Mots clefs:

assainissement (DT) (OP) , eau de pluie (collecte d') (DT) (OP) , eau potable (DT) (OP) , eaux usées (évacuation des ) (DT) (OP)


IRC - Den Haag - Pays Bas

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