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Philippines Environment Monitor: Water Quality

film video internet Jan 2003 ; Durée: 21 min.
Ed. World Bank - Taguig City
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Poor water quality has large economic and quality of life costs, in terms of health impacts and foregone revenues. According to the Philippine government's monitoring data, just over 36 percent of the country's river systems are classified as sources of public water supply and that up to 58 percent of groundwater sampled is contaminated with coliform and needs treatment. Approximately 31 percent of illnesses monitored for a five-year period were also caused by water-borne sources, and many areas are experiencing a shortage of water supply, during the dry season.
Intérêt pédagogique:
Here is an educational video that illustrates our country's water quality at the same time gives relevant information to the nurture of one of the indispensable sources of life. An advocacy to care for the environment in general and act towards sustainable community living.

Mots clefs:

assainissement (DT) (OP) , eaux usées (évacuation des ) (DT) (OP) , pollution de l'eau (DT) (OP)

Pays concerné:

Philippines (DT) (OP)


World Bank - Taguig City - Philippines

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