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On-farm practices for the safe use of wastewater in urban and peri-urban horticulture. A training handbook for farmer field schools

rapport Sep 2012 ; 55 pages
Ed. FAO - Rome ; Isbn: 978-92-5-107330-8
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This training handbook is a field guide for training urban and peri-urban vegetable farmers in safe practices when using wastewater in vegetable production. It is designed to provide complete information, knowledge and skills for safer and successful production of vegetables in urban and peri-urban farming systems.
The handbook covers five major topics:
1. It explains how irrigation water might be polluted with wastewater from the town or city and how using such water for production of fresh vegetables poses health risks to the farmer and to people who eat the vegetables produced;
2. It describes the various methods that can be used on the farm to reduce the health risks associated with using wastewater for irrigation;
3. It shows how farmers can check the performance and results of these safe practices;
4. It helps farmers to train other farmers in the neighbourhood;
5. It explains ways to effectively disseminate and communicate the knowledge and skills acquired from the training.

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