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Microbial Exposure and Health Assessments in Sanitation Technologies and Systems

EcoSanRes Series, 2011-1
livre Aug 2011 ; 165 pages
Aut. Nelson Ekane & Razak Seidu & Thor Axel Stenström & Christian Zurbrügg
Ed. SEI - Stockholm ; Isbn: 978-91-86125-36-3
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The main objective of a sanitation system is to protect and promote human health. This is done by providing and maintaining a clean environment without faecal contamination and by adopting measures that break the cycle of disease transmission. To achieve the direct effects of containment and reduction of pathogenic organism the system should be technically appropriate, economically viable, socially acceptable, and institutionally manageable which are factors that all affect the health outcomes.

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assainissement (DT) (OP) , maladie (DT) (OP) , santé (DT) (OP)


SEI - Stockholm Environment Institute - Stockholm - Suède

SuSanA - Sustainable Sanitation Alliance - Eschborn - Allemagne

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