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Groundwater Pollution By Sanitation on Tropical Islands

rapport Feb 1999 ; 40 pages
Aut. Peter Dillon
Unesco Editions - Paris
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The report reviews the scientific foundations for managing sewage contamination of groundwater as drinking water supply with particular reference to small tropical countries. This includes a brief assessment of the extent of groundwater pollution by sanitation systems, the design of sanitation systems, the nature of contaminats in sewage, their fate in the subsurface environment, including factors affecting their attenuation and the methods which have been used to study the movement of sewage contaminants in groundwater. It concludes with a summary of options for manageing the problem, including criteria for establishing common sewage systems; well-head policy protection actions; siting, design and maintenance of sanitation systems; monitoring procedures related to objectives; treatment of water supplies and public education and action programs.

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pollution de l'eau (CI) (DT) (OP)


Unesco Editions - Paris

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