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Le Tippy Tap

poster, visual aid Apr 2012 ; 2 pages , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Ed. Grampari - Maharashtra Tippytap - WMG - Tucson
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Editor Presentation
Affiche de promotion du "tippytap", le support de lavage des mains , après usage des toilettes.
La construction est très rustique et simple.
These posters are great for tippy taps that are built in public areas like schools or village meeting areas. They list the benefits of the tippy tap as well as highlight a country or region specific hand washing statistic.


hand washing, soap (DT) (ET) , low cost technology (DT) (ET)


Grampari - Maharashtra - India

Tippytap -

WMG - Watershed Management Group - Tucson - Usa

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