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Toolkit on Gender in Water and Sanitation

rapport Jan 1998 ; 181 pages
Ed. World Bank - Washington
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This toolkit presents a range of tools for gender analysis and practical "how-to" strategies in the field of water and sanitation, seeking to show why attention to gender is important and how such attention can be ensured.

For this purpose, the toolkit distills lessons from project and sector work experience and draws on examples of successful strategies, interventions, and promising approaches. It also helps identify resources available to task managers working in this sector. It is divided into the following chapters:

- Gender issues in the water and sanitation sector
- Lessons from project experience
- Good practice on gender in water and sanitation
- Where to turn to for advice
- Sources of funding
- Terms of reference for consultants and selected references
- Learning tools

Designed for World Bank task managers concerned with day-to-day issues of gender-sensitive programming in the water and sanitation sector, the toolkit is one of a series of toolkits being designed to assist task managers in improving project performance by incorporating gender into their work.

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