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Drinking Water Access: Using Small Entrepreneurs in Developing Countries: A Strategic—Not Automatic!—Choice

note coll. Politiques & Pratiques de développement n° 3 Oct 2011
Aut. Frédéric Naulet
Ed. GRET - Nogent sur Marne
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While small local enterprises in developing countries definitely have a role to play in expanding access to drinking water, they must not, for all that, be seen as the next "solution" that some are constantly seeking.
The diversity among these actors requires one to carefully examine their characteristics, operating rationales and constraints. All these elements need to be taken into account before including these actors in sectoral programs. Recourse to small private entrepreneurs is not a universal cure-all, but under what conditions is it a suitable solution ?

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accès à l'eau (DT) (OP) , gestion - management (DT) (OP) , marchandisation, privatisation (DT) (OP)


GRET - Groupe de recherche et d'échanges technologiques - Nogent sur Marne

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