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Practical Tools for Schools, Tonle Sap

educational material Apr 2010 ; 38 pages ,
Ed. Live & Learn - Melbourne
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Editor Presentation
This flipchart is designed to be used by teachers & facilitators during relevant school and/or Eco-club classes.
The flipchart consists of 6 modules: 1. Weather, 2. Water and Sanitation, 3. Waste and Sanitation, 4. Energy, 5. Conservation & Biodiversity and 6. Livelihoods.
Each module has 3 pages. The first page contains the module theory. This has background information to assist teachers. Then there are 2 pages of activities relevant to that topic. There are suggested times allocated to each activity to help you plan the class.


hand washing, soap (DT) (ET) , hygiene (DT) (ET) , school (DT) (ET)


Cambodia (DT) (ET)


Live & Learn - Melbourne - Australia

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