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Tapping the Connection Between Water and People

document pédagogique écrit Jun 2005 ; 44 pages
Ed. SOPAC - Suva
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Field workers can use the handbook when working with communities to install maintain water and sanitation systems as well as support health and hygiene initiatives. The guidelines also provide a list of publications and organisations, which can provide suggestions on techniques for community participation in water and sanitation programmes. Furthermore the guideline has used several illustrations with simple language, avoiding scientific jargons so that community members easily understand it. It also raises 7 questions to think about, and to some extend answers have been provided.
Intérêt pédagogique:
The overall objective of the study was to collect, analyse and disseminate findings on the extent of community participation, with particular attention to gender and poverty issues, in water and sanitation in Pacific Island countries, in order to offer recommendations and guidelines for improving practice.


SOPAC - Secretariat of the Pacific Community - Suva - Fidji

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