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Water in Cities

film video internet Mar 2010 ; Durée: 6 min.
Aut. Sarantuyaa Zandaryaa
Ed. UNESCO - Paris
Téléchargeable chez l'éditeur
The short film 'Water in Cities', produced by the UNESCO's International Hydrological Programme, aims to illustrate present and future challenges in urban water management, highlighting water problems facing cities around the world.
As water has become an increasingly crucial issue facing many cities around the world today, film is designed to promote sustainable and innovative approaches that UNESCO is pursuing to help countries address water problems in fast-growing cities, and to assist cities to develop strategies for sustainable urban water management.
The brochure of the film is available:

Mots clefs:

accès à l'eau (DT) (OP) , urbain (DT) (OP)


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