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National School Sanitation Manual

educational material Jan 2010 ; 120 pages
Ed. MoHRD - New Delhi
Downloadable format: PdF (1 950 ko)
Downloadable from the publisher
The initiative intends to create awareness generation leading to behavioural change by focusing on proper sanitation and segregation of waste and its disposal so as to achieve zero open defecation for all school children during school hours. Once the students are used to better sanitation in the school premises, hopefully they would spread the message amongst their families and community, and would act as advocates for change.


hand washing, soap (DT) (ET) , hygiene (DT) (ET) , latrine, toilet (DT) (ET) , school (DT) (ET)


India (DT) (ET)


MoHRD - Ministry of Human Resource Development - New Delhi - India

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