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Apa si Sanatate

Water and Sanitation Educational Toolbox
kit et malle pédagogiques Oct 2010
Ed. ApaSan - Chisinau SEAM - Vorniceni
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The objective of the “Water and Sanitation” Educational Toolbox is to inform the young population and NGO leaders about the environmental and health concepts, ecological sanitation, vocational training of water and sanitation specialists.
The toolbox is structured on two parts.
One of the components, developed by WisDom, incorporates: leaflet on Ecological Sanitation, brochure on Ecological Sanitation, 3 thematic briefs (maintenance and cleaning of UDDT, sanitization of excreta, how to build an UDDT- including some construction schemes), 2 posters (Ecosan promotion and hand washing practices promotion), documentary film “EcoSan – health, comfort, environmental protection.
The other part of the Toolkit, elaborated by SEAM, consist of: the Guide for teachers on Water and health in our village, Poster for girls on How I use Ecosan toilet, Poster for boys on How I use Ecosan toilet, two posters - Let’s discover how the Ecosan system works and Pollution of underground water in villages, Sticker on Wash and dry your hands, Evaluation game for pupils with 6 illustrations, two leaflets on Water and hygiene at home and Ecosan Toilet- alternative sanitation in the village.

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ApaSan - Chisinau - Moldavie

SEAM - Solidaritate Europeană pentru Apă în Moldova - Vorniceni - Moldavie

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