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Developing a national sanitation policy and strategies for sanitation

Guidelines for action
guide Dec 2011
Aut. Denis Désille & Bruno Valfrey & Christophe Le Jallé
Ed. pS-Eau - Paris
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National hygiene and sanitation policies and strategies are essential to sector development: by defining the sector objectives and priorities, they facilitate negotiations with technical and financial partners and enable funding contributions to be allocated more appropriately.
This document sets out a methodology for conducting processes aimed at developing or improving national policies and strategies. Broken down into 12 steps, the methodology provided in this guide is intended for those sector actors, and ministries and technical departments responsible for sanitation in particular, wishing to improve the framework for action of all sanitation stakeholders
Sanitation policies and strategies in Africa: frameworks for action with room for improvement 4
Purpose of this document 6
What is included 6
What is not included 6
Distinguishing between policy and strategy 7
A policy sets out the objectives and guiding principles 7
Strategies define the intervention methods and means 8
Developing a national policy and strategies for sanitation: a 12 step process 9
Preparation phase 10
Step 1: Decision to adopt a NSP/NSS 10
Step 2: Rapid Sector Assessment 11
Step 3: Mobilize the stakeholders 12
Step 4: Create a steering group 13
Development Phase 15
Step 5: National Kick-Off Forum 15
Step 6: Develop the NSP/NSS 16
Step 7: NSP National Validation Forum 17
Step 8: Political validation of the NSP/NSS 18
Promotion and implementation phase 21
Step 9: Promote and extend awareness of the NSP 21
Step 10: Define the action plans 23
Step 11: Define a monitoring and evaluation system 24
Step 12: Finance NSP implementation 26
Summary of the NSP/NSS development process 27
Bibliography 30


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