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Emergency sanitation : Assessment and programme design

rapport Jan 2002 ; 382 pages
Aut. Sorhab Baghri & Peter Harvey & Bob Reed
Ed. WEDC - Loughborough
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Seeking to assist those involved in planning and implementing emergency sanitation programmes, this book focuses on a systematic and structured approach to assessment and programme design. It three main sections deal with the following:
- Manual: Designed to act as a textbook to be referred to for information regarding minimum objectives, technical options, planning and implementation.
- Guidelines: Intended for use in the field to conduct rapid assessments, prioritise needs and design effective relief programmes.
- Case study: Demonstrates how the guidelines can be applied in the field.

Relevant to a wide range of emergency situations, including both natural and conflict-induced disasters, and open and closed settings, the book is suitable for field technicians, engineers and hygiene promoters, as well as staff at agency headquarters.


Technicien , Santé (professionnels de la)

Mots clefs:

assainissement (DT) (OP) , humanitaire, urgentiste (DT) (OP) , santé (DT) (OP)


WEDC - Water, Engineering and Development Centre - Loughborough - Royaume Uni

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