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Thandi: the journey of the eggs

comics Jan 2003 ; 27 pages
Ed. KTT - Cape Town MRC - Tygerberg OMS - Genève
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Thandi and Siziwe are working in the school vegetable garden with their teacher (Mrs Dlamini).
Siziwe offers Thandi a bite of a carrot.
Thandi says : "No, don't eat it! You need to wash it first. Otherwise you might get worms."
Siziwe: "You must be joRing, Thandi! 1 don't see any worms on this carrot."


child (DT) (ET) , disease (DT) (ET) , hand washing, soap (DT) (ET)


South Africa (DT) (ET)


KTT - Khayelitsha Task Team - Cape Town - South Africa

MRC - Medical Research Council - Tygerberg - South Africa

OMS - Organisation mondiale de la santé - Genève - Switzerland

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