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A Lively and Healthy Me: A Campaign on Preventing and Controlling Worm Infections for Health Promoting Schools

Teacher's resource book educational material Mar 2007 ; 20 pages
Ed. WPRO - Manila
Downloadable format: PdF (1 020 ko)
Downloadable from the publisher
After the lessons, schoolchildren ages 5 to 9 will be able to:
- Describe what are worm infections
- Describe how worms enter the body
- Describe the impact of worm infection on children's growth and development
- Explain why worm infection should be prevented and controlled
- Demonstrate ways to prevent and control worm infection
- Take de-worming tablets twice a year
In addition, schoolchildren ages 10 to 12 will be able to:
- Discuss reasons why worm infections are common among children
- Illustrate the life cycle of common worms and relate this to the mode of transmission of the disease

Target Audiences:

aged 5-7 years , aged 8-10 years , aged 11-13 years


disease (DT) (ET) , hand washing, soap (DT) (ET)


WPRO - World Health Organization Regional Office for the Western Pacific - Manila - Philippines

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