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A practical guide for building a simple pit latrine

Guide pas à pas d’auto-construction de latrines familiales à simple fosse
brochure coll. Série Technique Aug 2011 ; 25 pages
Aut. Sue Cavanna & Jean-Philippe Debus & Lambert Zounogo Patoinné Nikiema
Ed. CRS - Baltimore GWI - Des Moines IIED - London
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   Guide pratique pour la construction de latrine à simple fosse Résumé:
Le guide a été conçu pour servir d'assistance technique aux familles en Afrique de l'Ouest ayant pris la décision de construire leur latrine. Il est présenté de façon à pouvoir être utilisé comme un pense-bête pratique pour l'auto construction.
The guide has been designed for use as a technical guide at individual household level to assist those families in West Africa who have already decided to build their own latrines. It has been designed as a do-it-yourself guide. In a nutshell, this guide was created to ensure that as a result of users’ total satisfaction with the quality of construction of latrines; they will irrevocably abandon the practice of open air defecation.

The goal of this guide is to contribute to the eradication of open air defecation by helping the poorest rural households in particular to construct strong, appropriate, low-cost, and secure latrines that minimize smell and flies and that offer convenience for both the privacy and hygiene needs of all family members.
This guide is not intended for distribution but is part of a process aiming to give technical assistance in a participatory manner. The dialogue in the guide should be enacted by a facilitation team in the form of a skit followed by a debate. Each key step (placing the latrine, digging the pit, making the slab, building the superstructure) should be represented and followed by a discussion with the public, with responses and comments being provided for each step.

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latrine, toilettes (CI) (DT) (OP) , technologies à faible coût (CI) (DT) (OP)


CRS - Catholic Relief Service - Baltimore - Etats Unis

GWI - Global Water Initiative - Des Moines - Etats Unis

IIED - International Institute for Environment and Development - London - Royaume Uni

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