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Wastewater stabilization ponds: Principles of planning and practice

rapport Jan 1987 ; 138 pages
Ed. WHO - Genève WHO - Cairo
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The book has been divided into two parts. Part A is intended for national and local administrators and decision-makers, whatever their field of work, who are faced with making a choice between competing systems for wastewater treatment. It provides a comprehensive summary concerning the various aspects of constructing, operating and maintaining pond systems. It also conceders aspects such as management and safety. While it would not be possible for it to be non-technical, for then decisions would have no sound basis, this part has been written in understandable language, and it is believed that the educated layman will be able to grasp the concepts and advantages with little real difficulty. Part B is intended for persons making the preliminary designs on which cost estimates and, hence, choices can be made. It is expected that architects or engineers with only little experience in the field could use the book for this purpose. In particular, the appendix and annex provide a worked example and a simple methodology to help the designer in preparing adequately detailed designs.


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WHO - World Health Organization - Genève - Suisse

WHO - World Health Organization Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean - Cairo - Egypte

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