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Solid Waste Management in the World's Cities - Water & Sanitation in the World's Cities

rapport Nov 2010 ; 257 pages
Aut. Graham P. Alabaster & Bert Diphoorn & Paul Onyango
Ed. UN-Habitat - Nairobi
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A good solid waste management system is like good health: if you are lucky to have it,you don’t notice it; it is just how things are, and you take it for granted. On the otherhand, if things go wrong, it is a big and urgent problem and everything else seems lessimportant. Managing solid waste well and affordably is one of the key challenges of the21st century, and one of the key responsibilities of a city government. It may not be thebiggest vote-winner, but it has the capacity to become a full-scale crisis, and a definitevote-loser, if things go wrong.

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UN-Habitat - United Nations Human Settlements Programme - Nairobi - Kenya

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