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Gewamed Newsletter n°04

lettre d'information Mar 2007 ; 7 pages
Ed. GEWAMED - Valenzano
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- GEWAMED Second Regional Coordination Workshop: "Mainstreaming Gender Dimensions in Water Management for Food Security and Food Safety", March 2007, Larnaca-Cyprus,
- The Role of Women in Water Resources Management and Rural Development, March 2007, Amman-Jordan,
- GCSAR (Syria) Activities in the Framework of GEWAMED Project,
- International Conference on: "Water Saving in Mediterranean Agriculture and Future Research Needs", February 2007, Bari-Italy,
- World Water Day 2007: "Coping with Water Scarcity",
- International Women's Day 2007: "We Stand with the Women of the World",
- Women and Natural Resources, an Algerian Case Study.

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genre (DT) (OP) , méditerranée (DT) (OP)


GEWAMED - Intégration de la dimension de Genre dans le développement et la gestion des ressources en eau dans la Région Méditerranéenne - Valenzano - Italie

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