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Siting of Drilled Water Wells - A Guide for Project Managers

rapport coll. Field Note n° 20105 Jun 2010 ; 16 pages ; addresses principle 2
Aut. Kerstin Danert & Richard Carter & John Chilton & André Olschewski
Ed. RWSN - Saint Gallen
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This field note has been written for managers of water supply programmes and projects. It provides a step by step guide on the siting of drilled water wells. As a first step, the essential requirements for a simple groundwater model are set out, including some basic explanations to help the reader establish a sound understanding of hydrogeology. The field note subsequently explains what needs to be taken into consideration when selecting a suitable site for drilling. This includes the requirements of the water well, and a comprehensive set of instructions on how the most suitable site should be determined. Key considerations with respect to the tender and contract documents are also set out, as well as some basic information regarding field work and contract management. The field note essentially takes the reader through the process from consideration of the user needs right up to the process of engaging a drilling contractor to construct the drilled water well.


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RWSN - Rural Water Supply Network - Saint Gallen - Suisse

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