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Harvesting the rain: A construction manual for cement rainwater jars and tanks

textbook Sep 2002 ; 42 pages
Aut. T.V. Luong
UNICEF - Bangkok ; Isbn: 974-685-104-8
Downloadable format: PdF (3 390 ko)
Downloadable from the publisher
1- Introduction;
2- Construction of the cement rainwater jars
3- Construction of cement rainwater tank
4- Installation of rainwater gutters
5- Rainwater jars and tanks in use in Thailand
6- Thai rainwater jars in use in East Timor


low cost technology (CI) (DT) (ET) , rainwater harvesting (CI) (DT) (ET)


UNICEF - Fonds des Nations Unies pour l'Enfance - Bangkok - Thailand

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