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Rota Sludge & Stone Hammer drilling 1: Drilling Manual

manuel Jul 2005 ; 33 pages
Aut. A. van Herwijnen
ETC-Foundation - Leusden Practica Foundation - Papendrecht
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   2: Production Manual Abstract:
The Rota-sludge and the Stonehammer methods together form a package. Basically one drills with the Rota Sludge until one hits a layer with boulders or stones, then one uses the Stone-hammer to pass through this layer and finally one switches back to Rota Sludge when the boulders are passed.
Part 1 of this manual describes, step by step, how the Rota sludge and Stone hammer method must be used and part 2 provides detailed drawings of the equipment.
1 Introduction
2 Borehole design
3 Rota sludge drilling
4 Stone-hammer drilling.
5 Placing the screen, casing pipes and gravel pack


Technicien , Ingénieur, concepteur

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forage (CI) (DT) (OP) , technologies à faible coût (CI) (DT) (OP)


ETC-Foundation - Leusden - Pays Bas

Practica Foundation - Papendrecht - Pays Bas

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